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VBS will assist you all along your project and help you develop it from A to Z.

Whether you plan to install a liquid nitrogen dosing system on your filling line or want to install cryogenic lines, we will help you choosing the right system in line with your application.

VBS can also advise you in terms of the liquid nitrogen supply line. If required, an on site visit can be organised.

VBS will analyze your data, calculate your needs and propose the most efficient configuration. 

In case you are not sure about the compatibility of your process with our LN2 equipment, we can put a test unit at your disposal on site, so that you can proceed with trials on your filling line.

Our technicians can assist you during the tests on site. If you would like to evaluate our liquid nitrogen dosing system for a longer period of time, we can propose you a rental contract.

Once our equipment has arrived on site, our engineering team is available for the start-up of the liquid nitrogen dosing system and for the installation of the cryogenic supply line. Together with our local partners, our multilingual technicians are available to answer your questions and to help you in preventing or solving technical issues. They will also advise you with reference to spare parts.

Please feel free to contact us – you will find all our contact information in “Contact us-VBS Belgium”.

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