Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Systems

Nitrodose G2

The latest advancement in liquid nitrogen dosing, performance and durability with new powerful control systems precisely delivers low pressure liquid nitrogen at 450 BPM, continuous stream thereafter and is continuously self-monitored with alarm outputs and beacon. 

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  • Discrete dosing for speeds up to 27000 containers/hour, continuous flow for higher speeds.
  • LN2-supply at max 8,6 bar = Suitable for typical bulk tank supply without need for dedicated phase separator
  • Dosing accuracy : +/- 3%
  • Minimum dosing valve opening time of 25ms.

Nitrodose G2

Base unit including :

  • Fully vacuum jacketed, stainless steel dosing unit. Electronic level controller with pneumatic inlet valve. Dosing arm with electrical high speed valve. Safety relief valve.
  • Heated nozzle area and gas vent
  • Integrated self generating nozzle purge system. No dedicated nitrogen gas supply required.
  • Quick purge/ Quick warm up
  • Pressure regulator for compressed air or nitrogen gas for pneumatic inlet valve actuation.
  •  Waterproof electrical junction box with stainless steel cover and integrated LN2 feed pressure gauge.
  • Remote Siemens S7-1200 control panel with monochr. Siemens KTP600, 6” touch screen HMI (230V/50Hz or 115V/60Hz) in stainless steel NEMA 4x rated housing and alarm beacon.

    or alternatively
  • Allen Bradley AB1100 control panel with monochr. AB Panelview Component 600, 6” touch screen HMI (230V/50Hz or 115V/60Hz) in stainless steel NEMA 4x rated housing and alarm beacon.
  • 6 meter electrical cables. 15 meter cable sets are optionally available.
  • Advanced Self diagnostics logics with standard 2 alarm relay outputs (Profibus optionally available)
  • Encoder ready
  • Speed- and dose compensation capabilities
  • 5 recipe storage
  • Speed sensor (proximity).
  • Infrared sensor for bottle detection (Dosing enabled only when container is present)
  • Available languages for HMI and operation manuals : English, German, French, Spanish, Italian  Complete operation- and service manual


  • Additional LN2 feed line : standard length is 3 meters from tank to doser. Any additional meter should be ordered in this option. Bayonet couplings will be needed in case of lengths longer than 12 meters.
  • A standard 6 meter cables set from the doser to the PLC is included. Instead, a 15 meter set can be ordered optionally.
  • Profibus communication utility between doser and filler
  • Encoder with 10 m cable & shaft coupling (bracket not included). Shaft coupling for 10mm shaft sizes Amount of containers/revolution to be specified.
  • Additional languages for HMI and operation manuals upon request. The following languages are standard : English, German, French, Spanish, Italian.



For an overview of the different dosing head lay-outs, please click here

  • LDV (Low Dose Velocity) heater block e.g. for hot fill applications (P/N : 56882)

  • CIP heater block: automatic nozzle protection (P/N : 52850)

  • The HF-LDV (Hot Fill-Low Dose Velocity) Heater Block (P/N : 61137)
  • Combi LDV/CIP heater block: combines both benefits of the LDV and CIP heater block (P/N : 55300)



  • Stainless steel (height adjustable) support in AISI 304 material (also available in AISI 316 on request). This support can be either on a 2x2 pod or a bottom plate basis.

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