Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Systems

Linerter III

Linerter 3Low cost liquid nitrogen dosing system designed to greatly reduce oxygen levels in large volume containers to extend product shelf life.

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Linerter III with control panel.


  • Allows for adjustments of dose amount and timing during operation
  • Automatic line speed synchronization
  • No container/no dose function
  • NEMA Stainless Steel 4X PLC control panel
  • Lighted touchpad controls for ease of operation
  • Available in a variety of language formats
  • Single dose capability for lab testing
  • All equipment has NEMA quick connects
  • Continually displayed current production rate
  • Valve cycle counter with automatic notification at service intervals
  • Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC controls
  • Dose compensation logic for consistent results over a wide variation of line speeds

Construction features

  • Slim profile and simple mounting adapts to any filling line
  • Designed to run off portable Dewars or connect directly with Vacuum Barrier’s LN2 piping systems Safety and Cleanliness
  • 2-micron inlet filter to protect from foreign particles
  • Nozzle and all hardware is safely captivated
  • High efficiency – lowest LN2 consumption
  • Built in pressure relief valves
  • Totally frost-free operation
  • Fully CE compliant


  • Additional LN2 feed line : standard length is 3 meters from tank to doser. Any additional meter should be ordered in this option.  Bayonet couplings will be needed in case of lengths longer than 12 meters.
  • A standard 6 meter cables set from the doser to the PLC is included. Instead, a 15 meter set can be ordered optionally.
  • Additional languages for HMI and operation manuals upon request. The following languages are standard : English, German, French, Spanish, Italian.


  • Stainless steel (height adjustable) support in AISI 304 material (also available in AISI 316 on request).
  • This support can be either on a 2x2 pod or a bottom plate basis.

Dimensions Linerter II

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